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She's Got Issues

Jan 2, 2019

Annie Feighery - Founder, mWater
Aaron Ring - Comedian, Writer
Heather Arney - 
We will be DROWNING in water episodes on this podcast (see what I did there)? But first, let's tap into something (I can't stop) we can't live without - drinking water. Annie Feighery, the founder of mWater, talks Vicky off the ledge about the ominous last title card from "The Big Short" about Michael Burry's next investment. Annie's software platform is being used by the country of Malawi to manage their entire water system, which leaves Vicky and Aaron questioning their contributions to the world. Annie tells the group what the biggest threat to drinking water is on a global level and why Barbie Savior Syndrome is not great for charity. Comedian Aaron Ring refreshes everyone (oops, I did it again) with his one-liners. Heather Arney makes Vicky realize how lucky someone is if they're born with a toilet and tap in their home. They talk about the daily water crisis people in developing countries face, particularly women and girls. has helped 16 million people get access to clean water. Can you guess how? All this and more on She's Got Issues!