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She's Got Issues

Jan 2, 2019

Erin Brockovich  - Consumer Advocate, Activist 
Annie Feighery - Founder, mWater
Aaron Ring - Comedian, Writer
Annie and Aaron are back to talk about domestic drinking water. Vicky learns how pipes work (kind of) and Annie breaks down what happened in Flint and who discovered the Flint water crisis first! Aaron confesses that he doesn't filter his water and Vicky thinks to ask if tap water in New York City is okay to drink, after living there for 17 years and drinking it every day. Erin Brockovich joins for an energizing and illuminating talk about Florida's environmental crisis, water contamination all over the U.S., and how she and her partner Bob helped a group of women in Hannibal, Missouri get ammonia-free water for their region. Can you guess what they did? All this and more on She's Got Issues!