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She's Got Issues

Jan 16, 2019

Justin Silver, Comedian and Author of The Language of Dogs
Kristen Hartley, Dog Rescue Activist, Pit Bull Advocate and Producer 
Noah Odabashian, Producer and Dog Lover 
Justin, Kristen and Noah make a pit stop at Vicky's Pitty Party. Pit Bull media bias is the pits. They discuss Breed Specific Legislation, every decade's "Dog to Hate," and Vicky reads headlines about Golden Retrievers versus Pit Bulls. Justin maintains that there are no breed-specific behaviors, and the group puts him to the test. Noah knows the facts about pit bulls, but is still weary to get one for his family. Justin tries to bring him to the good side and won't give up until Noah see the light. Kristen and Vicky judge chihuahuas. All this and more on She's Got Issues!