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She's Got Issues

Feb 20, 2019


Jenn Wehrung - Comedian

- Beekeeper, Astor Apiaries


Oh, honey! The hivemind is abuzz with excitement. Queen Vee and her guests try to take the sting out of bees, as we need bees to survive and bee free! Nick Hoefly from Astor Apiaries and Comedian Jenn Wehrung join the VeeKeeper's wife for...

Feb 13, 2019


John Fugelsang, Catholicism

Max Cohen, Judaism

Nicky Sunshine, Southern Baptist

John Chaneski, Atheism

Narinder Singh, Sikhism


Thank you, Jesus! The 4-part series on prayer concludes today. We've got our resident prayer panel back in the studio, but first we talk to Atheist and Honorary Jew John Chaneski about...

Feb 6, 2019

Jason Salmon, Southern Baptist
Allan Fuks, Russian-Jewish 
Vicky is joined by comedians Jason Salmon and Allan Fuks. One strongly believes he had his prayers answered, and one strongly believes he didn't. She also reads Facebook posts from listeners about their experience with prayer. The panel talks about...