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She's Got Issues

Jan 30, 2019

John Fugelsang, Catholicism 
Nicky Sunshine, Southern Baptist
Max Cohen, Judaism 
Father James Martin, Jesuit Priest
Vasudha Celly, Hinduism
In the second episode in the three-part Prayer series, Vicky's resident prayer panel is back! John Fugelsang of SiriusXM and comedians Max Cohen and Nicky Sunshine discuss the crisis in Israel and Palestine, religion and government and fundamentalism. Vasudha Celly joins Vicky for a deep and insightful look at Hinduism. Father James Martin, Jesuit Priest & editor at large of America Magazine has some profound things to say about prayer and poverty, prayer and God and much, much more! And I'm still keeping it as non-partisan as I can! Listen in and enjoy.